Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is TaeKwonDo?

TaeKwonDo is the Korean form of the martial arts. Meaning the Art or Way of the Hand and Foot.

Tae = Kick, jump and foot techniques.

Kwon = Fit for blocking or punching techniques.

Do = Art or Philosophy.

TaeKwonDo training allows a person to defend themselves by well placed punches and kicks to vital areas with speed and accuracy. TaeKwonDo is an excellent form of weight control, conditioning, discipline, concentration and self control.

2. How do I start?

If you want to learn to defend yourself, improve confidence and enjoy and exciting sport, all you need is loose clothing, enthusiasm and a willingness to make new friends.

3. What will beginning classes teach me or my child?

A beginner is first taught mental and physical techniques, as well as basic self-defense maneuvers. After mastering these basics, he/she is ready to move on to more advanced aspects of the martial arts.

4. How long does it take to become proficient?

A student acquires important skills shortly after beginning their training. Although it takes many years of hard work and training to achieve the novice rank of “black belt”. On average, it will take a student, training 3 days/week, between 4 & 5 years to achieve this first level of black belt.

5. What kind of shape do I need to be in to start training?

We recommend all participants be cleared by their physician prior to attending classes. The martial arts is a highly active sport. Attending regular classes will allow the student to reach their fitness goals, therefore maximizing the true benefits of the martial art. At no time is a student allowed to use destructive force. This policy provides for safe training and maximum learning for each student.